Recreate x reality x representation is the third 15x15x15 exhibition, organized by KGB ( Keluarga Grafis Berseni) ITB. This exhibition is unique due to it’s particular rules : the size of the artworks is not more than 15x15x15 cm. The first and the second mini art project was curated by Albert Yonathan held in 2007 and 2008 titled “Scale” which focused on how artist compromise with the size of the artworks and “Metaphoria” that focused in the discourse of metaphor. This time, the problem of ‘representation’ is offered as the big theme to be responded by the participant.

The process of making art can be seen as man’s effort to approach reality. The development of new way of representation is important due to it’s function as human’s effort to interpret and examine reality. This needs, encourage the fostering of alternative theories and modes of representation. Seeing the problem of representation as a basic issues in the process of art creation, 15x15x15 Mini Art Project no # 3 : Recreate x Reality x Representation intend to summarize Bandung’s young artists visions where the artist could depart from the interest of medium, technology and knowledge. This exhibition intends to offer the actual way of seeing realities from young artists, and an examination of artist’s point of interest today.

This time G.H.O.S.T will exhibit with other 70 artists, over 150 artworks of various medium will be featured in this exhibition.

Exhibition: June 4th-19th 2010
Opening : June 4th 2010 at 7.30 pm
Officiated by Aminuddin TH Siregar (Directory of Soemardja Gallery)
Venue : Soemardja Gallery, FSRD ITB Bandung, Indonesia

Come and get decayed!

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