Green cats eyes
in midnight gloom
fly with the witch
on her ragged broom
Ghosts and shadow people
evade our sight.
None may not see what they might.
We begin our door to door Halloween flight.
Not knowing our immediate blight
we bravely approach your door and ring…



another G.H.O.S.T's apparition on Susie Bubble.


G.H.O.S.T and the Pencil Hermit

Our exhibition in 'Tribute to Sudjojono', last week October 23rd 2010.
our 'kleurloze kleur'

Radi and his sith allies
R.E. Hartanto's
Yoga Muhardanto's

See you soon on our next exhibition!!



We were featured in urban outfitters blog. YAY!

Here's their short review of our collection.

'G.H.O.S.T. and the Temple of Shadows is a collection of Indonesian jewelry made using really unique material combinations – like a necklace that's composed of acrylic panels, fake bones and bungee cords.'



Remember Rinda Salmun from December 2009 post? Previously in April 2009, she was chosen by not just a label to be one of the participant inRingstrassen Gallerien fashion award. It turned out that, she was in the top 10. An achievement worth celebrated, since she was competing with other young talented designers from all over the world. These are the pictures of her collection in the runway.

wardrobe and necklaces are copyright of Rinda Salmun's. 2009.
Head pieces by G.H.O.S.T. (custom for Rinda Salmun). 2009.

G.H.O.S.T on Syle Bubble

There has been a surprise in the beginning of this month. Last week G.H.O.S.T was featured in Susie Bubble's blog, an independent fashion blogger from UK. She was photographed wearing 'Leviathan' necklace, a special item made just for her.

Here's what Susie says about our piece,

'I will provide a wee nugget though that centres around this beautiful ode to hiking/bungee ropes and acrylic by G.H.O.S.T., a jewellery label that again I discovered through a random, small-world meeting with someone who bore me gifts all the way from Indonesia. This is from the Ghost and the Temple of Shadows collection which has other ropey treats (I of course mean that in the BEST way possible...)'

Thanks to Dien TB, Marie Claire's Fashion Editor that gave it to her. We couldn't thank her more, so we dedicate this post for her. YAY!
Thanks mba Dien!!


On Last August, our necklace was seen on AMICA magazine. It was a tribute spread for Alexander McQueen. We were astonished by the result. The photographs were amazing. It is a privilege for us, that our pieces were paired with Sapto Djokokartiko's mini dress.

Thornandes James explaining his spread..

'Odds And Ends is actually my personal ambition to pay respect and commemorate The Great Alexander McQueen. I invited six local Indonesian designers to pay a tribute to Alexander MQueen by making a creation that inspired by his works infused by Indonesian heritage values and not forgetting thei personal style of designs. The result are breathtaking with epic background of metal recycling junkyard in Cilegon.

Adrian Gan creating a dramatic collars and constructed dress the signature of McQueen from Indonesia weaving mixed with rattan embellishment. Adesagi Kirana chose McQueen's knits drapery and mixed with his pretty romantic style big Rosette from stiffed tulle. Sapto Djokokartiko creating a superb handcrafts ruffle dress from traditional fan made from sandalwood. Andreas Odang inspired by McQueen's perfect tailoring. G.H.O.S.T jueleire took the youth and fun part of McQ labels, the infamous skulls. And lastly, Irsan creating a molded leather bustier tops with dramatic big ruffles skirt as his grief of McQueen's tragic death. While I specifically decided to mashed all the collections and sadness from Spring Summer 2009 collection look.'

Odds and Ends
(Tribute to Alexander McQueen)
par Julius Bramanto
styling, Thornandes James
makeup, hair and manicure, Adrian Suryadipa/B-Mgt using Shu Uemura
assistan photographer, Hendri dinata, Retno Prasasti, Ken Arini
assistant stylist, Chekka
model, Kateryna Talanova/SUM Entertainment
location, Tamara Steel cilegon, Banten, West Java


We are sorry, we haven't got the time to publish pictures from our 'Ekspresi' exhibition on Alun-Alun Indonesia 13-22 August 2010. So here they are.. ENJOY!!!
Yasmina's mask

Agra's mask : TRANCE 01

The Living Legend of Dance - Didik Ninik Thowok

Philip Kwok's
Ika Putranto's
Mariskha Soekarna's
Syagini Ratna Wulan's
Diela Maharanie's
Kesya Moeds's
Ykha Amels of C.U.T.S

Yaviz Basalamah's
Sapto Djokokartiko's
Rama Dauhan's
Jacky Suharto's
Tiara Adikusumah's
Nicoline Patricia's
Sanchia Tryphosa's
the crowds

Spotted! Sanchia was wearing G.H.O.S.T 'inferno' necklace that night

Haunting you soon at our next exhibition!