G.H.O.S.T on Syle Bubble

There has been a surprise in the beginning of this month. Last week G.H.O.S.T was featured in Susie Bubble's blog, an independent fashion blogger from UK. She was photographed wearing 'Leviathan' necklace, a special item made just for her.

Here's what Susie says about our piece,

'I will provide a wee nugget though that centres around this beautiful ode to hiking/bungee ropes and acrylic by G.H.O.S.T., a jewellery label that again I discovered through a random, small-world meeting with someone who bore me gifts all the way from Indonesia. This is from the Ghost and the Temple of Shadows collection which has other ropey treats (I of course mean that in the BEST way possible...)'

Thanks to Dien TB, Marie Claire's Fashion Editor that gave it to her. We couldn't thank her more, so we dedicate this post for her. YAY!
Thanks mba Dien!!

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