1001 Doors - interpreting traditions

Last January, we participated in '1001 DOORS' interpreting traditions, an exhibition of doors and how we find a meaning in it. The event was held in January 26th to February 6th 2011, at Ciputra Marketing Gallery and curated by Mr. Asmudjo Jono Irianto. There were more than 100 artists, photographers and designers took part that night. It was one of the biggest exhibition we have ever been involved with. The event was opened by the Jakarta Govenor, Mr. Fauzi Bowo. A short description of '1001 DOORS' by Art Sociates:

'The exhibition “1001 Doors: Reinterpreting Tradition” aims to evoke the variety and diversity of Indonesian cultural heritage where the observers can step in the doors to watch and witness those heritage. They can peep through the key holes to have a glimpse of a future prophecy…, an indication of change. The Doors will become allegorical symbols of past and future, of ritual innovation, of behind and beyond and of tradition and contemporary.

Artists, craftsmen, designers, architects will be requested to respond to either some actual or allegorical doors based on their own imaginations. Showcased in this unique exhibition, the works are bound to present fascinating pieces of contemporary art, craft and design reflecting this generation’s vision on a chunk of cultural heritage & tradition.
The theme of the exhibition was conceived during long discusision with Taufik Rahzen. We express our gratitude for his contribution. We also thank all the artists and designers who have engaged in this exciting exhibition.'

Mr. Fauzi Bowo
the art crowd

G.H.O.S.T's 'untitled'
grim reaper lurks

Heri Dono
Soenaryo's door with an appearance of Yesy's 'JVSTIFY' wardrobe
another appearance of Yesy's 'JVSTIFY' wardrobe

Ykha Amels'

A.D Pirous
Cinanti A. J. (Keni)

Davy Linggar
Budi Adi Nugroho
Leonardiansyah Allenda and his door interpretations

R. Yuki Agriardi

Harry Darsono was entertaining the crowds
Harry Darsono
Yesy and her JVSTIFY's vixens
Thanks for coming, and see you on our next exhibition!

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