Last January, we were honored to contribute our piece on Titi DJ 'Swara Sang Dewi' solo concert. The show was held on 20-23 Januari 2011, Teater Jakarta, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta Pusat. After a short brief from mba Titi herself, we had a brainstorm with Ajeng and started to sketch and design an exclusive piece just for her. The piece was going to be worn on the first song of the show, we were thrilled to saw her on it!

The 2 hours concert will carry the 'Go Green' theme, for the costumes, properties, stage design, and other concerts support will be made ​​from materials that are environmentally friendly. "This is my invitation to start caring about the environment. Because, if we see, natural phenomena lately started worrying. And I also began to worry about what kind of dwelling in the future that will be occupied by the children of my grandchildren if we do not begin to care about the environment, "said Titi.In the concert was also accompanied by Lovedrug, Rossa, Dewi Sandra, Sherina, Ello, Marcell and others.

Unfortunately our photos mostly are blurred, but fear not because we have just found the perfect shots of her from fotokonser.com (copyright of ardianto). Well here they are..
Titi DJ was rocking the stage
what an epic performance, we love those giant twin skeletons!

Titi DJ's gilded skull mask
Titi DJ's golden rib necklace

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