Bearing 'Vulva' to the world

We would like to share a little about the making of 'vulva' wall installation, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. It took quite a lot of effort, but we really happy with the end result. Well, here it goes..

assembling the 'KALA' base
bits of acrylics pieces to be assembled
(you've got to see the entire pieces, they drove us crazy.. really)
'Kala' mouth and teeth
peeping the acrylic guys while they were mounting the 'KALA's' mouth to the head base
The head piece is not glued, but screwing the acrylics pieces one by one

measuring the artwork length and position
installing the customized kain ikat
installing the 3.7m wide 'KALA's' head is really another challenge
But, finally the gallery team managed to lift it anyway

tiding up the tangled wool threads
and VOILA! it's done!

We would like to thank the people who helped us to finish it: Our mom and dads, Wa' nyai, Ba Aya, Mr. budi and the acrylic guys! Without you guys 'vulva' wouldn't be born. So, Thank you!!