Last April 28th 2011, we took part in another group exhibition at Dia.Lo.Gue artspace, Kemang. There were other 18 artist who participated the 'SWEET AGONY'. In 'vulva' we would like to portray the degrading values of women in modern world, by adopting the Javanese folklore 'BUTA KALA'; a mythical giant who loves to devour moon and virgins. It is the perfect metaphor to describe this alarming picture. We used acrylic, kain ikat and a lot of our personal trinkets from our closet to interpret the whole concept. We found that it's interesting to combine a lot of stuff and tell a story from it.

We've got some reviews of our 'VULVA' artwork from these guys:

'An example of this use of heritage as a medium, can be see in the standout piece by G.H.O.S.T titled Vulva. This large-scale mixed-media work has a plexiglass Javanese dragon head with fiery eyes and ominous fangs leading down to a neon green and pink pelvic skeleton before ending with soft colorful pom-pom ropes swinging from the end of the work. It is an assemblage filled with nuance as plastic alphabet magnets and even a sequined Mickey Mouse can be seen in this wall hanging, which speaks of the commodification of female power in modern Indonesian life. Yasmina Yesy and Agra Satria, the masterminds behind G.H.O.S.T,. took 4 weeks to create this work, which Agra describes as one which “articulates the idea that modern women don’t feel like they have boundaries.” The giant monster head, Yasmina adds, “is a metaphor, expressing that women have more power but something is lost in return.” Vulva, created at the duo’s base-camp in Bandung is a gorgeously executed work and crowd favorite at the opening.' - sub-cult.com

'The largest piece in the exhibition was a wall hanging titled, Vulva. This mixed media piece, by G.H.O.S.T. (Yasmina Yustiviani and Agra Satria) is one where a plexiglass Javanese dragon head sits atop of a textile body, a colorful custom cloth ikat dreamscape that depicts alphabet magnets flowing into a neon green and pink pelvic skeleton, touching down on a landscape where a sequined Mickey Mouse frolics with a black bird with a human skull, and a benign white animal head. The work engages the viewer in a conversation about the commodification of female power, a relevant topic in the modern Indonesian femmenist dialogue. Rooted in cultural metaphor and delving into social discourse, it’s a striking piece both in its execution and pertinent theme.' - wanderlustandwonder.com

Prita Natasha

Sutra Ramadhani Djarot

Saraswati Hamid
Theo Frids Hutabarat
Christina Natalia
Kupi Arif
Moh. Akbar
Andro M. Napitupulu
Panca DZ
Satria T. Nugraha
Faisal Reza

See you soon in our next exhibition!


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